Is It Possible to Raise Testosterone? Men, who faced the drop in testosterone level, often get anxious because they know that replacement therapy has many side effects, and it doesn’t suit to everybody. However, even specialists say that this therapy is a last resort, used only when other methods do not help. Meanwhile, there exist Read More

What is Testosterone? As Wikipedia says, testosterone is a sex hormone, occurred naturally in both male and female organisms. While its share in women’s organism is minor, its content in the male body is much higher. This hormone is produced by testicles in men and by ovaries in women. The main role of testosterone is Read More

Another important part which should be under the attention is steroids definition. It is important to know their mechanism of action because in wrong case it would be important to define side effects. Besides, it is always important to know everything about the treatment you use, because it is respect for your future – it Read More